Our Mission

Exercise the privileges of freedom and capitalism for good rather than greed.

Our Motivation

Our motivation is based in the realization that:

  • Life is a gift with eternal purpose.
  • We are temporary stewards of corporate assets, profits, and individual talents and possessions.
  • Every business and customer base is composed, first and foremost, of people and if all people are treated fairly a greater contribution can be made in and through their lives and relationships.
  • Action is the exercise of true faith.

Our Methods

To put our mission into action as individuals comprising a family group of businesses, we will:

  • Maximize long-term profit for purposeful use.
  • Hold each other accountable for excellence in products, services, and integrity of action.
  • Nurture mental, physical and spiritual well-being by promoting individual self-worth, initiative and family values inside and outside our companies.
  • Give of first fruits from company profits to people and communities in need.
  • Support our people in works of service at home and abroad.

Our Motto

Meet a need. Plant a seed. Starve our greed.