Don’t ruin your good towels with regular cleanings.

Safe businesses are wiping down everything right now to control germ spread.

And if you’re trusting your own disinfectant over something like our WildWorx Multipurpose Wipes, then your wipe rag options aren’t ideal:

  • Paper towels are wasteful, prone to short supplies, and can leave fibers behind during cleaning.
  • Normal laundered towels/rags are vital to your business operations, so you don’t want to burn through your supply too quickly.

Then what’s the alternative?

Wildman has bundled 20-lb. bags of repurposed bulk rags to help customers cut down on paper towel use and to help save your regular laundered towels. These repurposed rags might not be the prettiest on the block, but they get the dirty work done:

  • Perform regular hard-surface cleaning and wiping
  • Deep clean your equipment without having to use your “good towels”
  • Discard the soiled rags when you’re done!

We have a limited supply of 20-lb. bags of repurposed rags IN STOCK at our warehouse for just $30/bag, and we can bring them to your door. Let us know how many you want!

How many rags do you need?

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