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Protect your facility while making a great first impression!

Safety is important to any business’ success. But so is your business image. So that’s why a commercial floor mat program is so important – it’s an economical solution that helps with both safety AND business image!

Floor mats help keep you and your business safe against the elements. Not having a mat program exposes you to a lot of factors that can cost your business in a lot of ways.

What risks can you face by not having mats?

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Increased floor cleaning costs, labor, and time investment

work injury icon

Potential workers comp claims from a fall ($20k on average)

fatigue icon

More fatigue, lower productivity from workers who stand on hard surfaces

lawsuit judgement icon

Possible slip-and-fall lawsuit defense/settlement ($40k – 50k or more)

You’ll impress visitors and protect the facility, too.

Past just the safety reasons, floor mats are also a great way to keep your facility cleaner and make a great first impression. Your entryway mats can show your logo in full color to help reinforce your brand personality.

Commercial floor mats even keep your facility operating more efficiently by protecting it against the elements:

  1. Protect electronics/HVAC systems from airborne dust in warmer months
  2. Keep the floors dryer and less muddy in the wetter months
  3. Prevent wet floors & chalky residue from melted snow in colder months