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Impress your guests and keep staff looking professional.

Running a successful restaurant, bar, or pub means you have to keep patrons coming back. And to do that, you need to keep your image looking as clean and professional as possible!

With Wildman, you can put that part of the job on autopilot. We can help with everything from aprons, wipe towels, chef coats and table linens to cleaning products, restroom paper, and entry mats! Wildman has custom food and beverage solutions for all of your business’ needs:

  • Towel and apron delivery
  • Chef’s coat and chef’s pants cleaning
  • Restroom paper stocking service
  • Entry mats and anti-fatigue floor mats
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizer/soap dispensers
  • Cleaning and janitorial products

Give Wildman a call or request a custom program quote today! We’ll show you a direct cost comparison to see how much you can save.

Serving customers is your business. Serving YOU is our business.


Find out how a restaurant group saw things more clearly with Wildman.

One restaurant group owner was getting unclear, inaccurate invoices from their previous uniform and linen vendor. This led to regular calls to customer service, and the issues often went unresolved. When they switched to Wildman, the transparent billing and top-notch service helped them get back to operating as usual without all of the service and billing headaches!

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