Indiana’s top uniform company is here to answer some of the most common questions for uniforms, first aid, commercial mat service and much more.

Will my invoice fluctuate from week to week?

There are 12 items in addition to the unit price that some providers within our industry typically charge at times. These include items like damage, prep, loss charges, and many more. These charges can drastically increase from week to week. With Wildman’s customer assurance program, we eliminate unexpected charges keeping your budget consistent week to week.

How are large or odd sizes handled?

Most uniform providers implement size premiums even as low as a 2X or 34″ length pant which leads to additional spending you may have not expected to incur when you first signed an agreement with a uniform provider. Wildman is typically more flexible with size premiums starting at a 3XL shirt and 44″ waist pant.

What is the best way for me to order facility service supplies such as paper, toilet paper, soap, etc?

Wildman has implementer a very popular vendor managed inventory (VMI) program which takes all of the work in ordering these types of supplies off your plate. Our ASRs are trained to maintain a specific par level of inventory at your facility that is determined up front by you to ensure you always have these items on hand and do not have to spend time sourcing, receiving and unloading or storing them.

We will not force load you into inventory levels that you do not need and your minimum par levels can be adjusted up or down at your convince depending on the needs of your business. We are able to free up tremendous amount of time for you or your staff on items you are using every day

What happens to my bill when I don't get all the uniforms back that my employees turned in the prior week?

With many uniform companies, you still end up paying for these missing uniforms unless you have enough time to review your bill and confront your current supplier.

Wildman has virtually eliminated uniform shortages through our automated sort system but un the rare case there is a uniform shortage, no charge would be applied to your bill with our no hassle assurance program.

How many rental items price increases are allowed within uniform agreements?

Most uniform companies will implement “at will” price increases where their contracts state they have the ability to increase pricing at any time.

Wildman believes in simple transparency with our agreements in that we only implement a price increase on your rental items once annually (in April) so you can better plan your annual budget and confidently know what your uniform spend is.

What happens when I have a change request but miss telling my route driver about it when they are at my business?

With other uniform providers if you miss the driver about any updated information you may have to wait until the next scheduled delivery day or take time to call the customer service line for help in updating your account. With Wildman, we have both a portal for 24/7 access as well as a mobile app that can be accessed anytime to keep your account up to date with little effort on your part.

How do my uniforms get repaired when they are damaged?

With other uniform providers, you will need to fill out a card that is physically attached to the garment needing repair, Many times this can get separated from the garment in the was transition and the repair never gets completed.

With Wildman, we do not rely solely on the repair card. We also have a mobile app where your employees can scan the barcode on each item and quickly and easily request a repair through our online app, assuring garments are repaired promptly. We also have uniform inspectors who catch a number of repairs your team members may have missed.

Safety Supplies & PPE

What are the benefits of a vendor-managed safety program?

Using a vendor to manage your safety supply program saves you from having to purchase supplies yourself and keep them stocked. You can also rest assured that your business is compliant with federal and industry-specific PPE requirements.

Other benefits of a vendor-managed safety program include:

  • Employees are adequately covered by the appropriate PPE
  • Safety items are always in stock when you need them
  • Safety products in your stock are not expired/recalled
  • Your business avoids holding excess PPE inventory
  • Your PPE is appropriate for your specific industry needs

How much does a safety program usually cost?

The cost to stock your PPE supplies depends on your industry and how many products your business uses.

When you use a vendor-managed safety program, you offload the burden of watching PPE stock levels while also ensuring you’re never holding excess safety products. You are generally just charged for what you use between vendor visits.

How often does a safety vendor restock supplies?

Most safety vendors will check supply levels and restock your PPE on a regular interval, usually weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on your business’ needs.

Is my business required to have eyewash stations?

Your specific industry’s safety regulations will dictate whether you need to provide eyewash stations. Those regulations will also specify the required flow rate you need for those stations.

If you don’t want to bother with diving into the regulations and then sourcing/maintaining those eyewash stations, safety experts like Wildman’s can perform an on-site PPE assessment to review your unique business’ needs!

Am I using the correct glove rating?

Your specific industry’s safety regulations will dictate what safety rate each piece of PPE needs to meet for specific duties.

If you don’t have the time to research those regulations and manage your own PPE program, you can leverage the support from a safety vendor like Wildman. A safety expert can perform an on-site PPE assessment to review your business’ specific needs and get you the gloves and protective equipment rated for your industry!

Can I sign up for a PPE subscription?

Yes, in a way. You can partner with a qualified safety expert to run what’s called a vendor-managed program for your safety supplies and PPE.

A safety expert like Wildman can audit your current needs, and then they’ll visit your facility on a regular schedule to restock your PPE as needed. This helps keep you from running out of PPE or holding too much inventory. It also saves time and money since you’re not having to pause production or run out to buy supplies yourself!

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