Take control of your promo item and apparel ordering with Wildman.

Enjoy a fast, robust, and custom web store from GearBox that saves you time and makes your life so much easier! Couple that with the Orderforce platform, and you can say goodbye to that complicated and/or manual process for promo products and branded apparel.

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Your Own Personal Webstore

GearBox Webstore Features:

  • Personalized Home page with your logo + custom banner
  • Full product catalog with the latest brands
  • Gift card system for employees + budgeting system
  • Payroll deduct and credit card payment options
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Hassle-Free Order Management

Collecting, submitting and processing event based orders has never been easier.
  • Step 1 – Select your product offerings
  • Step 2 – Choose the info Wildman collect (i.e. name, email, department, etc)
  • Step 3 – Launch the platform to your employees or buying team
  • Step 4 – Sit back while Wildman organizes, bags, and labels each order!

Our safe and secure platform will save you time.

  • Safe and secure logins with customized access by username
  • Robust ability to regulate artwork, logo placement and personalization
  • Advanced reporting capabilities to monitor and track your program
  • Latest security protocols to best protect your organization

Fully customizable features will fit your program and events.

  • Customized product catalog based on your needs
  • Admin features to approve, deny or modify orders
  • Easy, three-step process to placing an order for all users
  • Ability to preload approved artwork to ensure and regulate brand standards

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