Adding Value to Your Business

When choosing a vendor (and considering new ones!), it’s important to recognize how each adds value to your business. After deciding which products or services match your needs, you’ll pick a vendor. Each vendor offers different values that are key to driving your business.

Specifically, with uniform and garment suppliers, you should consider:

Optimized Performance

Have your uniforms ever gone missing or requested repairs weren’t made? With Wildman, you’ll have access to our Automatic Sort System and Smart Garment Repair App. You’ll have confidence knowing you received the same number of uniforms you turn in on time, every time.

Our unique garment barcoding system combined with proactive repairs means your team always looks their best. With the touch of a button, each wearer can track their uniforms and submit repairs. Meanwhile, our trained uniform inspectors look over all uniforms to fix repairs that might have been missed.

Approximately 70,000 uninitiated repairs are done annually and 2% of garments are repaired weekly based on uniform inspectors.

Dedicated Service Team

We always put YOU first. Our customer-focused approach allows our Customer Service Coordinators and Customer Development Representatives to act quickly and answer your needs within 24 hours guaranteed! Not to mention, you’ll have access to our on-call weekend representatives and regular goodwill visits. Have confidence your business is being taken care of, allowing you to focus on what really matters most.

  1. Align Goals – Firstly, we start by understanding your goals and priorities.
  2. Analyze Needs – Then, we will review your existing agreement and invoices and conduct a facility walk-through.
  3. Customized Proposal – At this point, we will design a custom proposal tailored to meet and exceed your goals and expectations.
  4. Onboarding – Finally the signing of agreement and introduction to your dedicated sales and service team.
Wildman adds value to your business through our dedicated sales and customer service teams. Sales Career

Online Transparency and Accountability

Wildman’s online portal gives you access to wearer information, invoices, garment history, work order status, and much more. You have easy access to the answers you need about your teams’ uniforms. We put the power in your hands!

Our Account Service Representatives (ASRs) have on-site access to account details and can make changes, submit repairs, and place orders. in addition, representatives and service team members work hard to provide you with answers and solutions as quickly as possible.

“I am satisfied with the ease of reviewing invoices. Their way is standardized and easy to read. With my previous vendor, I never knew how my prices kept fluctuating, but Wildman’s invoices are easy to understand” – Wildman customer

Cost Assurance Program

In contrast, other providers are only focused on the unit price. What they’re not telling you are all the other hidden or random costs you’ll see. These could double the initial quote they gave you! Wildman’s no-hassle flat rate program removes unexpected charges. You’ll be able to read invoices easily and accurately budget for your teams’ uniforms.

Often many businesses chose multiple vendors to save money on individual items. However, choosing one vendor to combine all your supplies and services will be more beneficial in the long run. Wildman adds value to your business by offering a variety of services and products. You benefit by saving time and costs and enjoying a simpler process and stronger partnership.

Ready to see how Wildman can add value to your business? Contact us today and learn how Wildman keeps businesses clean, safe, and looking great!

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As a third-generation custom solutions provider, we’ve been dedicated to enhancing brands and simplifying programs since 1952. Wildman is more than just a uniform and linens supplier. We work with you to provide the best customer service and custom programs that fit your needs. Learn more about the  Wildman Difference →

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