Brigadoon Fitness – Hassle-Free Service


Our current supplier needs someone to oversee our rep in our facility and needs frequent reminders about where we keep our inventory.


Our Wildman rep services all our needs in the
facility and is proactive in suggesting better solutions for our company.

“Reinvesting in our local communities is key. The fact that Wildman shares our same beliefs and gives not only to companies and nonprofits locally, but around the world, give us joy.”

BRITTANY HUFFMAN Executive Assistant


Based in Fort Wayne, IN, Brigadoon Fitness is changing the way the fitness industry does business by investing millions of dollars in state-of-the-art technology, experienced people, product design, and the largest inventory of fitness equipment, parts, and accessories available. 

They believe in order to excel in business, they must reinvest in their community. That is why Brigadoon works to strengthen their Fort Wayne community through economic development initiatives, support of local nonprofits and sponsorship of community events and activities.

This community-oriented philosophy is what made partnering with Wildman such a perfect fit. 


Wildman was the only choice for Brigadoon from the very beginning.

“The service Wildman provides is convenient, personable, and hassle-free. Half the time I barely know my service representative is here .. and to me, that is wonderful,” says Brittany Huffman, Brigadoon Fitness Executive Assistant. “I don’t have to oversee the service or remind him of anything week to week. He comes in quickly, anticipates our needs, and leaves us looking great, not only for our employees, but to our customers.” 


Brigadoon Fitness was thrilled with their decision to invest in a company with like-minded values.

Brittany Huffman, Executive Assistant said, “Reinvesting in our local communities in both Fort Wayne and Warsaw is key. The fact that Wildman shares our same beliefs and gives not only to companies and non-profits locally, but around the world, gives us joy that we are supporting businesses who are making a difference with us. It’s important to look beyond the everyday workload and focus on the big picture… and we are happy to be doing just that with Wildman.”

Experience the difference of a vendor who invests in more.

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