Dorais – We Wanted Incredible Customer Service


Dorais’ previous rental vendor provided poor customer service, communicated poorly and responded to issues slowly. Eventually, that led to frustration and wasted time for Dorais’ team.


Wildman guarantees they will address a customer’s needs within 24 hours, and they take steps to resolve each request as quickly as possible.

“Wildman’s complete garment protection, clear and transparent billing, and incredible service is why we love them. They follow through and do what they say.”

DON RAPP Fixed Operations Manager


Dorais Chevrolet Buick GMC offers a wide selection of new and used cars, trucks, and SUVs. While things were much different when Gus Dorais started the dealership in 1949, they still believe business should be done with a handshake and a smile. And their philosophy, much like Wildman’s, is simple:

1. Treat people honestly, fairly, and with respect.
2. Sell and service great products.
3. Become involved with and support the local community.

Dorais experienced poor customer service while under the contract of a national uniform provider. That provider had failed to meet their level of excellence in their floor mat services and uniform rental program for too long.

Their invoices were also highly confusing and heavy with fine print (so much so that they were challenging to even understand). The Dorais team started searching for a new vendor that shared similar core values as their own – honesty, quality, and community. That’s when they found and contacted Wildman.


Dan Rapp, Fixed Operations Manager at Dorais, said, “After calling Wildman and expressing interest in beginning service with them, I let my previous provider know of our decision. I kindly asked for four weeks before we made the official switch. To my disappointment, our current service was immediately stopped the day after my phone call. Our mats were literally pulled right out from under our feet the very next day. I remember this clearly as we were in the middle of a snow storm, and it was an absolute nightmare.”

With nowhere else to turn, Dan called Wildman.

“I let them know about the pinch I was in. Our new mats were delivered that same day.”

This is the type of customer service on which Wildman prides themselves. It’s about going the extra mile for each and every one of their customers.


Dorais is a long-standing customer of Wildman’s.

“The garment protection, clear and transparent billing, and incredible service is why we love them,” Dan Rapp said. “They follow through and do what they say. The billing is understandable, and there are no surprises. That’s what I like most: the service just happens.”

Dorais appreciates the shared values and the commitment to quality customer service that Wildman provides.

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