FAQs for First Aid & Safety

What are the benefits of using a first-aid service?

Partnering with a first-aid company can save you time and money, especially if you don’t have a first-aid service and are managing it all yourself.

Through proper placement and training, a first aid service:

  • Reduces workplace accidents and helps employees become more aware of workplace safety
  • Allows a faster response time and better-equipped employees
  • Reduces recovery time before emergency medical personnel can arrive
  • Improves workplace morale by showing your employees you care about their health and safety

First aid specialists like Wildman also make sure your business has the proper first-aid supplies for your specific industry and needs. Wildman manages your inventory to ensure nothing is expired or cross-contaminated. In addition, Wildman also cleans and sanitizes the first-aid cabinets with each visit.

Wildman first aid cabinet

How much does a first aid service usually cost?

Generally, your first aid cost depends on how many products your business uses. Some first aid companies only charge you for the products you use. Others actually charge for an entire box of a product even if you use only one piece from that box.

The companies who charge based on what you use – like Wildman – invest the extra time to closely manage your first aid inventory and avoid over-charging. Other companies spend less resources counting inventory, and – for example – will replace an entire box of bandages even if you only used one bandage that cycle.

How often is my first aid station(s) checked?

Most first aid companies service on a regular interval. Depending on the business’ needs, usually weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Wildman works with you to determine the frequency based on your usage. Unlike other companies, we won’t just stop for the motive of charging a service fee.

Do I have enough first aid supplies?

Before you can know if you have enough supplies, first request a review by a first aid professional to audit your first aid needs and your current program. Whether you stock the products yourself or use a first aid provider, a second opinion always helps.

Companies like Wildman will audit your first aid program to help you make sure you’re covered but not being overcharged or over-supplied. We can even take a your current first-aid invoices and provide a cost comparison with exact pricing for a similar first-aid program!

What is sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)?

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is an unexpected electrical imbalance in a person’s heart. This can cause their regular heart rhythm to become abnormal.

SCAs kill more than 400,000 people a year and can, unfortunately, happen to anyone for any reason. The only known treatment to restore an arhythmic heart is through an electrical shock, generally applied with a defibrillator.

What is an AED?

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a life-saving piece of first aid equipment. When used on someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest, it delivers an electric shock. This will help the heart quickly return to a normal rhythm.

Is my business required to have an AED?

Fitness centers are the only businesses in Indiana legally required to have a working AED. However, the American Heart Association highly recommends defibrillators for any kind of business or public area.

The AHA reports the chances of survival increase 70 percent if you defibrillate within three minutes of cardiac arrest. After 10 minutes, the chances of survival decline.

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