FAQs for Restroom Programs and Supplies

Why should I have a restroom cleaning service?

Boost employee and customer satisfaction | Restroom cleanliness has a major impact on how your business is perceived. Taking proper care of your restroom shows your employees and customers that you care about their well-being.

Show employees that you care | Employees are more likely to stay with a company that cares about them. When a business is clean and well-maintained, customers are often willing to stay longer, visit more often, and spend more money. This includes having clean restrooms available. What do your restrooms say about your business?

Protect customer and employee health | Over the last few years, health has had a huge impact on customers and employees alike. From encouraging better hand-washing techniques to hands-free dispensers, restrooms can harbor various germs and bacteria. A restroom cleaning service can help your business stay on top of germs and bacteria.

red, black, and white epik dispenser for wildman's restroom program

What is included with a restroom program?

First impressions are vital for your business. Wildman helps you nail your first impression with maintained matching soap/sanitizer, paper towel, toilet paper, hands-free technology, automatic odor control dispensers, and so much more. Customize your program to fit your needs and never worry about your next delivery.

Eliminate odor and disease-causing bacteria with our deep-cleaning services.  Wildman’s professional restroom cleaning service technicians (CleanTeam) work with you to schedule cleaning maintenance in your restrooms, such as sanitizing and cleaning your toilets, urinals, counters, floors, and more.

How often are air fresheners replaced?

Your account service representative will replace your Epik Air Fresheners during your service visit based on your account. Typically air fresheners will be replaced every 5-8 weeks for maximum freshness. Our Epik Air Freshener scents include Cucumber Melon, Orange Grove, Mountain Breeze, Cherry, and Mango.

Account Service Representatives rotate the scents on a regular basis to prevent you from going “nose blind” or “olfactory fatigued”. Essentially, the same scents over time become normal and expected and therefore have less “fresh scent” associated with them.

Remember those old Febreeze commercials? Olfactory fatigue works just like that. Our reps will rotate the scents to prevent this from happening, leaving you with a fresh-smelling restroom with every visit.

Your Account Service Representative will recommend the best placement for air fresheners based on your restroom. Typically, this is near ventilation units or doors. Epik Air Fresheners use positive airflow to activate the fresh scent, which eliminates the need for a battery and leaves the space smelling great.

Although air fresheners are most often associated with restrooms, we recommend using them in breakrooms and lobbies. Utilizing fresh scents in common areas to build a customer experience is considered Scent Marketing and has proven to be very effective.

What kind of paper towel should I use? What is the difference between brown paper and white paper?

The primary difference between brown and white paper towel is color and texture. Paper towels used in restroom dispensers are made of water, wood, and pulp. They are great single-use towels for cleaning, drying hands, or picking up spills.

White paper is whitened with non-toxic bleach, which changes the composition by reducing the wood components. As a result, white paper towel is softer and often perceived as an elevated option.

Brown paper is naturally brown and contains zero additives. It’s equally as efficient and often considered the more natural option.

Brown or white, both options are equally efficient and are designed for maximum absorbency. Our representatives will work with you to determine the best option for your business’ needs.

What are the different folds for paper towels?

There are 3 common types of paper towel options for businesses – hardwound, center-pull, and multifold.

Hardwound paper towels are the most common and can be used in both automatic, level, and pull & cut dispensers. The large roll often contains 650’ to 800’ and can be found in white or brown paper options. See the section above regarding the difference between brown and white paper products.

Center-pull paper towels are perforated into sections to allow users to pull down individual sheets. The simple design allows for easy usage and replacement. This type of towel does not require a battery-operated dispenser and only comes with white paper options.

Multifold paper towels are compact and dispense one sheet at a time when pulled through the dispenser. Multifold paper towels come in compact packages and are individually wrapped for storage and convenience.

We know there’s a lot that does into this. You don’t need to worry about all of these details; your Wildman representative will work with you to determine the best solution based on your needs.

black restroom dispensers | wildman epik line

My restroom image is important to me and my business. Can my dispensers match? Can my restroom dispensers be branded?

Wildman’s exclusive Epik line takes your restroom to the next level. Epik dispensers are sleek and with a “matte” finish for a timeless look. This premium restroom solution is available in red, black, and white. Whether you only need one small bathroom covered or bathrooms throughout your facility, we have you covered.

We also have a full line of standard restroom dispensers which are great for back-of-the-house settings.

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