How Wildman’s first aid program is different

Have you ever experienced unexpected charges on your first aid service? Or have you noticed a discoloration in products from random “fills”? If so, you may need a new first aid program.

We’re committed to doing business differently through:

Fully servicing your stations: disinfecting, checking expiration, and organizing your cabinet

Many first aid providers use a “fill program” to restock first aid kits. On a regular basis, the provider will stop into the business and complete a “small fill”. This fill is completed when the first aid kit is only missing a few items, about 10 units. 

Every visit, your dedicated Wildman representative…

  • Disinfects the inside and outside of your first aid cabinets. When dealing with open wounds, no one wants to worry about the cleanliness of their cabinet and whether he/she is being exposed to infection. 
  • Checks the expiration dates. Instead of placing new products with the old or putting them in the front to look “new”, Wildman will ensure all products are safe to use and replace any expired products. We’ll never “stuff” your cabinets with products you don’t need.
  • Organizes the products within the cabinet. Often first aid cabinets can become disorganized when they’re not regularly maintained. 

Program Frequency: regularly scheduled service stops that work for your needs

Other providers often schedule visits based on a 4-week program or will show up unannounced. Often 4 weeks isn’t enough time to go through a significant amount of first aid products. This causes a high frequency of service charges that aren’t necessary for the amount of product your business is using.  

Meanwhile, at Wildman, your business will be put on a specific rotation to ensure you’ll have proper service intervals. Emergencies are the only unexpected thing you should experience when working with a first aid service provider.

Wildman first aid and safety training

Tenured Representatives (FAS ASR): Friendly service from a familiar face

With other large companies, high turnover rates and inexperienced representatives who struggle to effectively service accounts are common problems. This can lead to a lack of authentic relationships with customers and a decline in overall satisfaction with the service. 

Wildman’s average tenure for our FAS ASRs is 12-13 years!

Anthony Killy, Wildman FAS ASR

Working for Wildman has been an amazing opportunity for me and my family. Being able to work for a Christian company that aligns with my morals and beliefs is refreshing. So much so that I referred my brother-in-law to work with Wildman, as well.
Working in FAS has been an incredible opportunity for me to work with a great group of people who work well together and build relationships with our great customers. I have enjoyed learning and being able to teach CPR classes to one day help save a life. I enjoy working for Wildman and all it has to offer.

Anthony Killy, Customer Care Manager

Family-owned: We’re committed to caring for our customers and are a part of the community too 

As a local, 3rd generation family-operated company with over 70 years of experience in supporting our customers’ daily operations, our goal is to provide the best customer experience for you and demonstrate the Wildman Difference. Working with a local partner creates a positive ripple effect with your employees and customers. This means if you have any questions or concerns about your first aid cabinet or service, we want to know! We are here to keep your business clean, safe, and looking great.

At the end of the day, having a first aid program is vital to keeping a workplace safe, for employees and customers. If you’re interested in learning more about what a first aid service looks like for your business, connect with us today!

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