Lewis Bakeries – Vendor-Managed Inventory


Our previous provider could not manage our inventory.


Discover the timesaving benefits Wildman’s inventory management program offers.

“I liked the idea of Wildman managing inventory for us, as counting products added over 100 hours to my schedule each year.”

Phil Richmond Sanitation Manager


Lewis Bakeries was in the middle of using at least 4 vendors for various facility supply and service needs. Between counting inventory each month, the amount of paperwork, and higher costs, it was time they shopped around to see what other options were available to simplify the process. 

The Sanitation Manager, Phil Richmond, was overwhelmed with the time-consuming task of counting products and managing inventory.

“Our rep called to ask for a meeting and what he mentioned on the phone appealed to me. I liked the idea of Wildman managing inventory for us, as these tasks were adding at least 2 hours to my schedule each week. This was a service we were not able to receive from our current vendors.” 


Lewis Bakeries switched to a vendor managed program from Wildman and Phil got time back in his already busy schedule.

“I was sold on Wildman because of the inventory management option. It truly makes Wildman stand apart from their competitors. The other vendors we were using could not come close to this kind of top-notch service.” 

Phil was pleased that the transition was seamless and he no longer had to worry about running out of items or not meeting OSHA regulations.

“Not only was I thrilled about them taking over inventory for me, my bills were consolidated into an easy-to-read invoice,”  he said.


Phil was eager to brag on the service he’s been receiving from Wildman.

“Wildman’s service is easy and hassle-free! They have saved us at Lewis Bakeries time and money by taking over our inventory management completely along with being competitive on costs to save us money. Wildman offers the best service around and we are happy to be working with them.”

Experience the difference of vendor-managed inventory.

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