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We are a custom solutions provider.

Boost your brand and simplify your vendor programs so you can do business more efficiently. Custom uniform programs make your team look and feel their best. Restroom packages and deep cleaning solutions protect employees and customers from disease-causing germs. And a managed program for first aid kits and safety products protects your team, keeps them productive, and eliminates the hassle of doing it all yourself.

Work Uniforms

From shirts and pants, to heavy-duty safety and PPE clothing, a Wildman uniform rental program will keep your team looking and feeling great. Your business will look even more polished and professional, too!

Commercial Floor Mats

A commercial floor mat program is a great economical solution to help protect your employees, your visitors, your facility, AND your business image!

Facility floor mats help protects you and your team against the elements. They not only protect against falling accidents, they keep out the unwanted dirt, mud, rain, and melted snow. Commercial rugs can also help greatly decrease your floor cleaning costs.

First Aid Kit Service

It’s essential to get the right first aid kits and stocking services for your business.

Stop worrying about what products you need in your kit, whether those products are outdated or unsafe, and what industry-specific products are required. Wildman’s first aid professionals will take over that extra work to make sure you’re protected and compliant.

Safety Products and PPE

Choosing a vendor-managed safety and PPE program is one of the best investments you can make in your team. Take care of your employees’ safety and they’ll be happier and more productive. It’s not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do!

CleanTeam Deep Cleaning Services

A clean restroom reduces the spread of diseases, bacteria, and viruses. Wildman’s CleanTeam deep cleaning and sanitizing services can help keep your team safe and healthy while also making a great impression on visitors.

CleanTeam common area deep cleaning

CleanMist Facility Sanitizing

With all of the traffic in your facility and numerous areas to clean, staying on top of it can be a tedious process. Does your team have time for that?

Wildman’s CleanMist facility sanitizing service uses ultra-low volume (ULV) misting machines that transform liquid chemical disinfectants into a mist. Our technicians apply that mist in your facility to disinfect your work areas without damaging your facility or equipment.

CleanMisting break room disinfecting

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