St. Jude Catholic School – Worry-Free Facility Services


Our current provider does not understand our fluctuating inventory needs and we frequently run out of items when we need them most.


Wildman knows my business and my needs and always has me covered. I appreciate that I get time back into my day rather than having to worry about little things like toilet paper.

“Wildman has great lines of communication, and we appreciate never having to worry about products arriving on time.”

Cory Givens Custodian


For St. Jude Catholic School, clear and efficient communication with staff, students, and parents is critical, and they strive for the same level of communication with their service providers. Unfortunately, for their facility services, that service and communication was declining. 

Cory Givens, Custodian, recalled, “During one of our busiest seasons, we ran out of toilet paper and paper towel again. That’s when we knew we had to find a new provider to avoid this ongoing problem. In addition to poor product inventory, we struggled with communication and did not have a reliable delivery schedule.” 


In the search for a new partner, Wildman was asked to assess the situation. Looking to not only fix the communication and inventory problem, Wildman assessed other areas where facility service-related efficiencies could be gained and made appropriate and helpful recommendations throughout the school. 

St. Jude Catholic School was very pleased with the overall assessment and how easy the process was.

Cory said, “Wildman has great lines of communication, and we appreciate never having to worry about products not arriving on time, running out of products, or lack of quality. They are the perfect fit for us, and switching to them was one of the easiest transitions we have ever made.” 


St. Jude gained so much more than just a reliable provider.

“Now, our staff has confidence in our service provider. The value and savings are great, and since we don’t have to micromanage our provider’s delivery process any longer, we can put our time into other more appropriate projects. It’s reassuring to know we have more time to focus on what matters most… our students.”

Experience the difference of having a vendor who’s also a partner.

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