Sqweeze® Hydration Freeze Pops

Serious hydration you freeze, Sqweeze and enjoy!

150 Assorted package containing

Cherry, Grape, Lemon Lime, Orange, and Mixed Berries

3 fl oz. freezer pop

No high fructose corn syrup

Low sodium

Gluten free


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Sqwincher Options

Sqwincher® Original Concentrate

Add concentrate to 5 Gallons of water and serve Sqwincher® electrolyte replenishment.


Mixed Berry | Cherry | Grape | Fruit Punch | Lemon Lime


Qwik Stik® ZERO

Qwik Stik® ZERO is a one-man hydration solution without the sugar and low calories. Simply rip open a pack, pour into a bottle of water and let the hydration hit the spot.
20 fl oz. Yield (for more intense flavor, mix with standard 16.9 fl oz bottled water)

Orange | Grape | Fruit Punch | Lemon Lime


Sqwincher® Original Powder Packs

Bulk Electrolyte mix, perfect for 5 gallons of great tasting hydration.

Assorted: Lemon lime, Cherry, Mixed Berry, and Orange.


Qwik Stik® ZERO Assorted Tube

Qwik Stik® ZERO is designed for an on-the-go lifestyle. Each tube contains 10 packages.

Mixed Berry | Strawberry Lemonade | Fruit Punch | Orange