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Keeping your auto shop clean and safe shouldn’t be a hassle.

Let’s face it, the automotive industry can be tough on your business’ image. Oil, dirt, sweat, grime – they’re all out to make your life harder!

What if you could keep your employees AND your shop cleaner and safer for everyone? Trust Wildman to help. From uniform rentals and shop rags to grit soap, floor mats, and gloves – we have solutions for all of your needs:

  • Oil-resistant uniform tops and pants
  • Nitrile glove delivery program
  • Shop rag cleaning and delivery
  • Entry mats and logo mats to impress customers
  • Oil-resistant, anti-fatigue mats for employees
  • Outerwear for keeping clean year-round

Get back to focusing on your core shop business, let us help with the rest! Give us a call or request a quote today and find out how we can save you time and money right away.

See how we helped an automotive company regain their footing.

An auto dealer had the rug pulled out from under them (literally!) when their mat service provider abruptly ended their agreement. This exposed the company to dangerous slip hazards since it was the dead of winter. See how Wildman stepped in to help this company get back to normal, safe operations!

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Check out our automotive industry solutions.

We carry all of the same top brands and styles as the national uniform companies, just without their huge markup! Browse some of our top selections below or reach out to our team. We’d be happy to discuss your specific needs and then show you some samples of what we can offer.

Uniform Shirts & Pants

Jackets & Outerwear

Gloves & PPE Products

Floor Mats & Mops

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