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First aid service that keeps you protected and compliant.

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51% of employees don’t know where their first aid cabinet or AED is in their facility. Do yours?

That’s why Wildman uses RED cabinets. Our red cabinets stand out on the walls and help employees recognize their location, whether in an emergency or not. You shouldn’t have to go searching for something that keeps you safe.

Even with your cabinets easily recognizable, it’s essential to get the right first aid service with the right first aid kits for your business.

But buying first aid products online or even hunting through stores in person takes a lot of time away from your normal duties. It can also raise a lot of tough questions:

  • Do you know what should be in a first aid kit?
  • Do you have the first aid kit essentials for your industry?
  • Are your stocked first aid products outdated and unsafe?
  • What else could you be doing instead of shopping to fill those first aid kits?

That’s where the first aid professionals at Wildman can help. We can audit your business’ unique first aid kit needs and manage the first aid service for you. That will help keep your team safe and help keep your company compliant.

Wildman first aid cabinet

And we’ll never ‘stuff’ your first aid kits.

Unlike many other first aid companies, our team will never stock first aid products that you don’t need or won’t use. And we not only keep your first aid kit stocked, we also disinfect the cabinets and remove outdated products with each visit. Your Wildman first aid kit will always be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Let Wildman give you back more time by taking care of your first aid program:

  • No more tracking inventory on multiple first aid cabinets
  • No more running to the store to buy your own products (if you can find them)
  • No more worrying about having enough supplies to cover your whole team
Keeping people safe shouldn’t be a chore. Let the first aid experts at Wildman help keep your first aid program running smoothly week after week!

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