Simple. Fast. Efficient.

Wildman’s mobile garment repair app was created so you can get your garments repaired quickly and easily. Simply scan your garment, fill out the repair request, and place the garment in the collection box for us to pick up! You can keep your uniforms looking great with features like:

  • Repair requests
  • Uniform tracking
  • Delivery day lookup
  • An easy-to use interface

Wildman’s garment repair app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. We understand that uniforms can become damaged or worn over time, which can be frustrating for your employees.

In addition, 2% of garments are repaired weekly based on uniform inspector and are repaired or replaced as necessary. Approximately 70,000 uninitiated repairs are done annually at Wildman.

uniform garment repair app with wildman

Repair Options

button repair icon

Button Repair

sewing repair icon

Sew Repair

patch repair icon

Patch Hole

zipper repair icon

Zipper Repair

pocket repair icon

Pocket Repair

emblem repair icon

Emblem Repair