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Keep your employees happy with a cleaner, safer office!

Employees appreciate a clean, safe experience while they’re at the office. But visitors and clients will especially remember how clean your facilities were (or weren’t). Keep both groups feeling safe and confident in your business!

Wildman offers an array of product and service solutions that can help elevate your business image as well as improve the safety of everyone who enters your facility.

Let us help supply your sanitizing products, restroom soap/paper, entry mats, mops/general cleaning products, and full-office cleaning services. We can even build you a custom corporate apparel program to keep your employees looking great in the latest gear to elevate your brand!

We have solutions for all of your needs:

  • CleanTeam full-facility cleaning services
  • Branded and general-purpose floor mats
  • Restroom paper dispensers & paper refills
  • Soap and hand sanitizer
  • Mops, buckets, and cleaning products
  • Branded apparel for your employees

We’ll keep you stocked with all of these essential items – you have the core business to worry about! Give us a call or request a quote and we can help build your own custom program today.

Keep your office clean, safe, and looking great.

Floor Mats & Mops

Restroom Products

Sanitizer & Cleaning Products

Branded Apparel

Build Your Uniform Program

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