AMPG – Avoiding Product Shortages


AMPG had to beg their last provider to stock additional supplies. Our employees were having to make runs to the store and were wasting valuable company time.


Wildman took the worry out of the ordering process by always keeping AMPG stocked with products they use most.

“Our team is now able to focus on our actual business versus constantly worrying about running out of supplies.”

STEVEN WORTH Purchasing Manager


Accurate Manufactured Products Group (AMPG) was getting poor service, a lack of communication, and slow response times from their sales representatives, and they knew they could get better service elsewhere. 

They turned to the experts at Wildman.

“Our team used to contact our previous vendors weekly to beg them to stock additional supplies, and this wasted a lot of time. When our busy employees had to make runs to the store for janitorial supplies, we knew we had to make a switch. Our existing partnership was not working well,” said Steven Worth, Purchasing Manager.


The decision to switch to Wildman was an easy one.

Steven said, “Wildman offered competitive pricing, weekly inventory checks through vendor managed inventory, and friendly staff. This was all we needed to switch our business to them. Switching to them was fast, our team no longer had to make trips to the store to refill items, and they have great response times. Most competitors lack this sense of urgency and we experienced that firsthand.” 

Wildman gladly took the hassle away and employees no longer have to make store runs to replenish items that ran out, manage online buys, or contact service representatives begging for better service.

Steven says his team is now able to focus on their actual business instead of constantly worrying about running out of supplies that previous vendors poorly managed for them. Steven says they save almost 5 hours every week now that Wildman manages their account. 


 AMPG was very pleased with the service and attention they now receive.

“Wildman understands we are a small company that needs great service and good prices. They have offered alternative products to help us save money, while ensuring our stocking objectives meet our requirements along the way. The Wildman culture permeates throughout the organization and is displayed in their sales representatives who are highly motivated and have that unique sense of urgency and concerns for customers like us at AMPG.”

Experience the difference of a partner who gives you time back in your day.

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