Williamsburg Furniture – Service With Integrity


Our current supplier has poor service and our bills continue to go up each month without explanation.


Our rep. quickly responds to our needs, never tries to oversell me on things, and we’ve even saved money.

“Wildman’s quality of service and dependability has saved us 75% on product cost and 25% in service fees.”

Karlie Fairfield Human Resources Manager


Williamsburg Furniture is the result of a successful combination of ideals: it’s about the product, the process, and the people. Build innovation and care in those ideals and you have the ingredients for a company that is designing and building quality furniture for a variety of industries.

Because their customers make an investment in quality, they make sure to make an investment too – in their capabilities, in technology, and in talented team members. This culture of personal responsibility only adds to the devotion to customer service. 

It soon became clear, though, that one element of their business wasn’t aligning with the rest. They weren’t getting good service from their first aid provider, and the prices seemed to rise every month. 


 Upon receiving yet another bill that was priced higher than promised, the team at Williamsburg Furniture knew it was time to research a new provider so they didn’t have to constantly monitor invoicing each month. Human Resources Manager, Karlie Fairfield recalled, “With our previous provider, first aid items stocked in our old cabinets weren’t even items we used. They continued to be stocked and our bill remained a mystery, consistently higher each time.” 

Wildman was called, and they brought a comfort founded on integrity and the Golden rule. This, in addition to knowing that they would have consistent billing and first aid cabinets solely stocked with items they needed and used won the business.

“Our rep. never oversells me on anything; he’s not pushy, and I like how quickly he responds to any question I have,” says Karlie Fairfield. “It was definitely a nice switch going to this kind of service.” 


Karlie and the team at Willaimsburg were very pleased with the noticeable difference they experienced. “Wildman’s quality of service and dependability has saved us 75% on product cost and 25% in service fees. Combine that with the relationship we’ve developed over the years, and I’m very happy to be a Wildman customer.”

Experience the difference of a partner who invests in quality.

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