Zentis – Wasted Time Is Wasted Money


Zentis’ previous provider wasted time and drained the Zentis team’s resources by not responding to requests and providing subpar service.


Wildman has multiple avenues of communication to be accessible to you. We have a live person answering our phones, a 24/7 access app, and proven response times to requests.

“After switching to Wildman, we saved over $200,000 over the course of our service agreement.”

CHRIS SIEBENHAAR Technical Purchasing Manager


Zentis has specialized in the preparation of fruit and other natural products for more than 120 years. They attribute much of their success to innovative skills and close partnerships.

Frustrated by repeated errors and inadequate customer service, Zentis’ previous uniform and linen provider failed to meet expectations. With many issues of concern being left unresolved, they knew that not only their team’s time was being wasted, but they were also losing money. Their previous uniform provider failed to take serious actions to adequately address the requested improvements until the decision was made to cancel services.


Zentis contacted Wildman, and they were highly impressed with Wildman’s integrity during the initial call. That sealed the deal.

After that first meeting, Zentis team members toured the Wildman facility in Warsaw, IN, and gained a newfound respect, appreciation, and understanding for how Wildman’s family-owned business operation has ran for over 60 years.

The visit illuminated the plant’s capabilities, showcasing Wildman’s cutting-edge technology and the most up-to-date programs to keep any company polished and professional.

In addition, Chris Siebenhaar, Technical Purchasing Manager, was thrilled that their switch to Wildman saved the company over $200,000 over the course of the service agreement. Not to mention he gained valuable time back in his day!


The cost savings alone are a great benefit to Zentis, but they have also gained trust with a provider that stands alongside them every step of the way. They no longer have regular employee complaints about the quality of the garments of the service received.

“Wildman does what they say they will do,” Siebenhaar said. “Their quick response and follow-up is priceless, and I’m thankful for the relationship we have.”

Experience the difference of a provider who commits to a timely response around the clock.

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