How Employee and Facility Appearance Drives Customer Spending

Do you know how employee and facility appearance drive customer spending in your business?

Ever walked into a store and was greeted with dirty floors or a strong smell?

Regardless of your industry, having a clean facility and storefront is the first step to attracting and driving customer spending. 

“Investing in customer experience initiatives has the potential to double your revenue within 36 months” – SuperOffice

Your outward image is part of your brand! Seeing messy employees or nasty bathrooms could cause customers to head to your competitor! Plus they may leave a negative review about your facility, driving more prospects away. Your business’s growth is directly tied to customer experience, which is largely influenced by the appearance of your team and facility.

Here are 3 common values that motivate customer spending habits. 


Business Lobbies and Facilities

The Wall Street Journal reports that retailers saw sales increase up to 40% from lingering shoppers. However, filthy stores make people want to leave as soon as possible.

Consider areas in your facility where customers are likely to wait for an extended amount of time. The most common are lobbies, especially in auto shops or doctor offices. Waiting in unclean areas makes people more anxious or irritated. 

Observe common customer traffic patterns and connections to understand where you may need additional support. Consider small things you can do to improve their experience. These may be simple things such as regular window cleanings, or more rugs outside to prevent dirt from entering the building.

great customer service drive customer spending

Employee Impression

It only takes 8 seconds for a customer to decide whether to do business with you.r. Employee interactions are the largest influence on the customer experience. 

You ought do everything you can to create a welcoming and pleasant interaction. Did you know customer experience influences on-the-spot purchasing? 

49% of buyers have made impulse purchases after receiving a more personalized experience. Super office.

  • Appearance:

    Set a standard for your employees. Whether they are on or off the clock, while they’re in uniform they  must be professional. This may include tucked-in shirts, proper uniforms, and a clean image.  

  • Engagement:

    Always be ready to create a positive engaging interaction with customers. Prepare for potential needs of your customers before they even walk into your facility. This makes customers feel valued and more willing to revisit your business in the future. 

  • Body Language:

    Consider your posture and mannerism. Does your body language show customers you’re ready to serve them?

Scent Marketing

What is scent marketing? This strategic method uses certain fragrances to build the customer’s experience.

Similar to the feeling you get when you walk into a bakery and are met with the smell of fresh bread, scent marketing enhances the customer’s experience, boosts sales and ultimately drive customer spending. 

Scent marketing benefits your business by:

  1. Boosting recognition and memory functions.
  2. Increasing the time consumers spend in a shop or business.
  3. Elevating mood and level of enjoyment.
  4. Improving the quality of a service encounter.

Pleasant-smelling environments have shown that customers are not only more likely to make a purchase but are also willing to spend more money for the same item. 

Clean lobbies and waiting spaces increase customers willing to wait and drive customer spending.

But how can you effectively use scent marketing? 

  1. First, use spray air fresheners and air freshener tags in entryways and common areas. 
  2. Next, tackle spaces where nasty scents may overpower customers, especially restrooms. Common solutions for odor control in restrooms are bowel cleaners, deodorizers, and urinal screens. 
  3. Finally, chose products with scents that match or complement the atmosphere you want to create. Scents such as cucumber melon or citrus evoke cleanliness and good health. While scents such as cherry and mango are associated with energizing and uplifting moods. Whatever fragrance best fits your business, make sure you include scent marketing in your business solutions.

Trust the scent experts at Wildman to make a customized recommendation for your business and rotate the scent to be sure you don’t go nose blind. 

Negative interactions with your employees or facility can give customers the impression you don’t care about them or are unwilling to pay attention to their needs. 

When you care about your employees and facility, customers will know you’ll care about their needs too. If you’re looking drive customer spending through improving your business’s appearance, Wildman is here to help. Our reps are trained to properly size employee uniforms, optimize mat placements, and so much more. We are here to help your team and facility stay clean, safe, and looking great.

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