Working with a Company with Aligned Values

Wildman’s values and service stands us apart from the noise .. because let’s be honest, our products don’t necessarily bring the wow factor (unless you think toilet paper, urinal screens, and absorbents are exciting)! 

Our values are the baseline to our customer promise. We start with hiring the best team members who are committed to standing behind these values each and every day as we serve you. Altogether we put our best foot forward and treat you like family. 

Wildman’s Values:


“Do unto others as they would want you to do.” This statement is simple yet powerful and what we bring to you. Our values are portrayed daily in the transparency of our relationships with you and our team members who further enhance your business solutions.  Ask around for those who currently use Wildman and we guarantee one of the first words will be related to their Account Service Representative. We are nothing without relationships.

Our team members not only value relationships with each other, but with you. Our teams are highly encouraged to make personal connections with those we serve and have meaningful conversations. Servicing our customers is much more than just leaving product and getting back in the truck.


Service starts from within and we have the most trust and confidence in our team members and their authentic way to continue bringing Wildman’s solutions to you. We want to be different and want you to leave the heavy lifting to us.

Our team members are trained to help you find the best solutions for your business. The differentiator here is they won’t just try to sell you new products and services. They’ll have a conversation with you and what you’re hoping to accomplish to come up with the best solution. Additionally, they may even advise you that you should lower your product usage, which is unheard of with other companies in our industry.


Our customers are why we exist. Having the best customer experience remains a top priority for us and serving you is more than a job, it’s a commitment. This begins from your first meeting with Wildman and remains throughout our relationship together.

Working together with a company with aligned values

We’re also committed to serving outside of work. It’s our calling to give back to the communities in which we work, live, and play. All team members– regardless of position, seniority, etc.– are encouraged to take time to serve with organizations they’re passionate about. Some choose to take mission trips or assist in foreign countries. Others choose to put their skills to use with local companies. Regardless of the instance, we’ve seen that designating this time away means our team members come back more refreshed and engaged, which means they do a better job within their role and taking care of you.


Our commitment to excellence means you get the very best. We prioritize doing things to the highest standard because it’s what you–our customer– deserves. We have high standards for ourselves and this translates to our customers, vendors, and team members. 

Align with a company that shares your passion, recognizes your vision, and honors your values. You won’t be disappointed by the Wildman Difference →

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